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Variety of cleaning techniques

Manufacturing Facility Cleaning

We are fully insured and are supported by Karcher Professional team

We are an cleaning company specialized in industrial cleaning that believes in investing in our staff. All of our cleaners are specially trained and carry the necessary qualifications. Training also includes the safe use of industrial cleaning equipment such as pressure washers, steam and steam vacuum cleaners, spray extractors, surface cleaners, facade cleaning systems and many more.

Widely in Pacific we see companies set up production area and making most of their equipment producing thousands of items on state of art manufacturing lines. Though, when it comes to equipment maintenance and upkeeping things doesn’t roll as smooth. Every tool would need to be cleaned and maintained in order to prolong its optimal performance.

Whether you making yogurt or furniture – your equipment needs deep cleaning once in a while. Owning a batch of commercial cleaning equipment is expensive and challenging, not to mention long training programs to ensure cleaning is done to the right standards.

Instead – allow pacific.cleaning to use best of what world of industrial cleaning has to offer – Karcher Commercial cleaning equipment and chemicals to serve your needs at fraction of the equipment buying cost.

  Industrial Cleaning Services – is our specialty
This requires a unique combination of right equipment, suitable chemicals and expertise. We have all of that.

  We’re fully insured – for your peace of mind
Our team knows the technics to tackle various types of dirt and grease in different production environments.

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