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Industrial Cleaning – pressure washing and foam cleaning


Project Briefing

Surface cleaning with pressure washer and special FRV attachment allows our team to carry out cleaning jobs up to 5x faster compared to regular pressure washing. Inbuilt chemical pump and foam lance allows our team to spray surfaces with rich foam to break down dirt particles and easily wash them away using Karcher pressure washer.

Sensitive areas with sensitive surfaces are cleaned with reduced pressure – it’s a matter of twist of trigger gun to amend pressure. This ensures no damages made to sensitive components and surfaces.

Whether you making yogurt or furniture – your equipment needs deep cleaning once in a while. Owning a batch of commercial cleaning equipment is expensive and challenging, not to mention long training programs to ensure cleaning is done to the right standards.

Instead – allow pacific.cleaning to use best of what world of industrial cleaning has to offer – Karcher Commercial cleaning equipment and chemicals to serve your needs at fraction of the equipment buying cost.

We are fully insured and are supported by Karcher Professional team