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After Construction Cleaning

We offer final and touch up construction cleaning

Construction cleaning services are very important. When a construction crew begins and end a building project, laws and codes regulate them to control the process until the construction site is cleaned up. Often a cleaning company is hired to make and keep the site clean and safe.

One of our sister companies does commercial fit outs where key expertise is shiny final touch. We have an eye for details and train our cleaners to pick smallest spots of dust and dirt – so you can open your doors shiny and make the best possible impression to your guests and patrons.

More importantly we do our job much faster than others – due to the fact we operate high productivity Karcher Professional cleaning equipment and chemicals, that speed up cleaning process at times by factor of 3x.

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   Save your time by using our services
Not only we ensure sparkling clean after construction cleaning but we also make it much faster than other companies – due to our high performance Karcher Professional cleaning equipment

   We know what “sparkling clean” looks like
Let us bring our European standards of cleaning for your after construction job

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