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Car cleaning service

Project Briefing

Pacific.Cleaning is excited to share our latest success in car cleaning services, utilizing the cutting-edge Karcher equipment to achieve the best possible results.

Our team of experienced cleaners is trained in the latest cleaning techniques, allowing us to provide a thorough and effective car cleaning service. We use Karcher equipment that utilizes hot water and high pressure to deep-clean every surface of the car, including upholstery, car seats, and the car ceiling. This approach ensures that even the most stubborn stains and dirt are removed, leaving your car looking and smelling fresh and clean.

We take pride in our cleaning process, which begins with a thorough inspection of the car to identify any problem areas. Our team then applies hot water and cleaning solution to the surfaces, working in sections to ensure every inch is covered. We rinse the surfaces, removing all traces of dirt and grime, and use powerful suction to speed up the drying process.

Our car cleaning service with Karcher equipment ensures that your car is restored to its former glory, leaving it looking and smelling fresh and clean. At Pacific.Cleaning, we are committed to providing the best possible service, using the latest equipment and techniques to achieve the best possible results.